Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Health Economics & Outcomes Research

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What we do

Health Economics & Outcomes Research: The BluePath Way

  • While addressing regulatory requirements of safety, efficacy, and quality is relatively standardized, clients continue to be challenged with overcoming additional access hurdles.

    This is often the Achilles heel that health economics and outcomes research can remedy. Health care decision makers often require generations of additional clinical and economic evidence on epidemiology, burden of disease, unmet need, and limitations of current treatments. Through our research, we fill this void and strategically design and generate evidence that can prove the value and need of your technology and products.

A sampling of what we offer

Our health economics & outcomes research expertise lies in…


  • Healthcare cost & other economic outcomes
  • Humanistic/patient-reported outcomes
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Epidemiological or clinical landscape outcomes
  • Physician or patient preference outcomes

Study/project types

  • Systematic literature reviews
  • EMR/chart reviews
  • Surveys
  • Statistical analyses
  • Preference/discrete choice experiments

Publication & other support

  • Abstract, poster, manuscript development & support
  • Protocol writing & support
  • IRB submission & support
  • Dossier (AMCP & GVD) writing & support
  • Technical reports

We can meet the needs of your team.
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We can meet the full needs of your team. Contact us for a complete list of services.

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