BluePath Solutions (BPS) is a Market Access and Health Economics consultancy

As our client, we will help you attain, maximize, and retain the value of your healthcare technologies. Not just at one static point in time, but across the entire lifecycle from asset commercialization decisions, to pre-launch and launch preparation, to growth and maturity, and inevitably decline phases. Founded in 2014, we’re headquartered in Los Angeles and available to conduct projects around the world.

We staff projects entirely with experienced and interdisciplinary experts

That means you will enjoy the highest level of efficiency throughout the engagement. And since we do not have to follow strict procedures like traditional firms, we can easily adapt to your shifting requirements.

We can help you make informed, more valuable decisions

We consider all stakeholders in the matrix environment, allowing you to derive value for each part of the organization affected by the project.

Complex Research [simple, practical and accurate messages]
We simplify complex research, allowing people of all technical levels to comprehend the topic and communicate in an effective manner.
BPS Intelligence

New Drug Coverage Policy Overview

Get complete details about new drug coverage policies and how they impact new drug coverage in the critical 6 month post-launch period.

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