Why BPS?

I need to ensure that our research can demonstrate value and achieve business goals

When companies work in silos, their evidence may not always align across an organization. The research is either too complicated, does not apply to a specific environment, or lacks relevance to current events. This problem can also occur with matrix teams despite efforts to align and harmonize cross-functionally relevant research.

We build bridges between evidence and value, breaking down the silos and maximizing the worth of the research. We ensure that the research meets the needs of value communication efforts, and can be translated into meaningful tools for executing strategic objectives.

I lack internal staff experts, so I’m not able to assess where to start in terms of evidence generation and market access

As your strategic partner, we can advise you on how to best prepare for market access and health economics activities. In addition, we can consult with you and provide unbiased guidance on the right allocation of resources and needs when making decisions with long-term implications.

I need to understand how reimbursement will work for my healthcare technology

Many research studies and products lack context and real-world relevance. Either the planning ignores the external landscape, or does not anticipate landscape conditions when the technology reaches the market. Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, companies must consider varying reimbursement environments, incentives, and changing landscapes.

We establish the past, current, and likely future of the reimbursement environment specific to a disease and healthcare technology. By doing so, we ensure that our strategic planning and tactics accommodate both present conditions, as well as conditions when the product or technology launches.

I’m concerned how potential policy/government issues will affect my technology

As experts in health policy, we constantly track governmental regulations and assess the economic and access implications of such policies. Accordingly, we can help you anticipate future needs that can affect your current strategic plans.

My consultancy staffs the project with mainly junior people

Consultancies often bring in senior people only during initial and close-out of a project, causing unnecessary delays and negative financial consequences. We staff your project with seasoned and interdisciplinary experts through every phase of the project. Not only does this assure the highest level of efficiency, you can have confidence that the people who introduced the project will also do the work from the beginning to the end.

I need a consultancy that does not only provide the deliverable, they also help with implementation so I can maximize my investment.

BPS is with you for every phase of the assignment, from initial concept to project completion. We work with all stakeholders, not just the specific department or function requesting the work. This allows us to deliver value for each part of the organization affected by the project. Most importantly, you’re able to sell the work internally and gain true consensus.

Payers are becoming increasingly important to my business. I need a consultancy that can address market access business issues.

Healthcare coverage is just as critical to success as is the regulatory approval by the FDA, and similar governing bodies around the world. That’s why for every project, we gather advice from payers and healthcare decision makers, ensuring that our research efforts and recommendations fulfill the focus of those controlling access to your healthcare technology.

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US Market Access Strategy:
Key Considerations in a Changing Environment

Changes in market dynamics may impact the effectiveness of current brand access strategies. Our latest research provides an assessment of payer-focused vs. geographic brand access strategies.

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