Just as our industry needs updating from time to time, so do the brands of companies that comprise our industry. In that spirit, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new web site.

Our new site was designed and built over a four-month period to better reflect a number of aspects of BluePath. First, we realized we could do a better job of conveying the depth and breadth of our capabilities. With such a nimble firm like ours, it’s not such an easy task, but we now feel that prospects can better understand the value we provide regarding market access.

We also wanted to more precisely convey the BluePath culture. This is important, as clients now have more visibility into how we think and work. The imagery, colors, and overall user experience matches who we are as individuals, as well as a consultancy.

Additionally, we wanted a platform where we could share our views and opinions on trends in the industry. As thought leaders, we have a responsibility to contribute to the pool of knowledge in our industry and hope that others will be able to benefit from our research and findings. This area of the site, which we named Compass, will contain papers, research, and other valuable information and data.